Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Efficient use of paper means 2ft tall/round daffs (which is still pretty big)

I kno we had our hearts set on mega 5ft daffs invading the city but upon hearing that the sheets come in at 4x2ft this was proving quite tricky and messing about with excess amounts of paper.

Following Karen's original template I think that this size is the best use of our time and money. It involves using one sheet per flower. (this includes the petals, centre 'roll' bit and a few scraps to secure any loose ends)

ps. sorry they're all backwards, if you click on the pic it will get bigger and hold a mirror up next to your screen to read it :)

Edit to fix - Kaz x

1 comment:

Alex Lim said...

possibly, we could do hundreds of these 'smaller' ones and a few one-offs of 5ft ones to be placed around town?