Friday, 28 November 2008

Prototype Daffodil

Here is the first prototype daffodil that I've knocked up this morning. Pictures are a bit blurred, it's dark today!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Liason updates

Just want to use this post as an update of how contact with Marie Curie is going.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your email. It all sounds very exciting. We – myself (PR) and two fundraising colleagues who lead on the Great Daffodil Appeal - would really like to meet up with you so we can find out a bit more about your project and how we could link up.

We are based in Vauxhall and at the moment are all free on 3 December before midday and all day 9 December. Let me know what’s good for you and we look forward to finding out more about your project.

All the best


Good news! Was wondering who wants to come with me and talk to them, I think it will be quite informal and they don't need all 11 of us in suits or anything. Maybe one other person will be enough, or two. I can do both days as well.

Emails sent out to heads (3 of them) of PR and public affairs, with a basic outline of the project and asking for a meeting or phone interview. If this doesn't work I'll call round but I was thinking I might need a copy of the proposal in front of me so I can talk about it properly.

BioViron International

I spoke to Mr. Bruce at BioViron today and he has promised to send me samples of these two cornstarch products in the post today. More Info

1. Green Cell Paper which is 1.5mm deep
2. Green Cell Foam Wrap which is 3mm deep

Once these arrive I will make some daffodil prototypes ready for Friday.

BioViron also worked with Kingston University on a project. Mr. Bruce (who is the CEO) seemed very happy to help and said they may be able to let us have some materials at cost.

Unfortunately in the excitement of being offered the samples I forgot to get any kind of cost from him so I will email him shortly and ask.


please put names forward before... this evening.
and vote for names here.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

nainas ideas...


Naina Piplani




firstly package your work nicely into some visual form.

secondly make a mass distribution of your work in the public.

the more you gift out, the more chances you get to be recognized by someone.

wait for responses.


firstly do a live act as a group, for example everyone stands still in one position, 

in a busy location where we would be observed, for about 3-4 minutes.

secondly we all loosen up and take off our jackets to show our t-shirts (which 

would all have the same colour with just our homepages written on the front and 

back.). we could even create a homepage with the groups individual works, so a 

group website that links you to all the different members of the group.

Self-promotion or even group promotion, so promoting yourself as a group to do 

promotion for anoter company for example. 


Naina Piplani




firstly we plaster the whole city with posters saying, for example “Do you want to

buy creativity?” put the posters up for a month or so and let people wonder about 

the sentence first. big white poster with black sentence in the middle right across. 


secondly think of a second part for the first poster. think of a response to that ques

tion. we need people to wonder about something before telling them the whole 

story. so make it a 2-piece event. the second part could be to put up another post

er next to the first with images of your work, your contact details (email, blog, 

website) on it.  

can you buy creativity, so you own it and can then apply it? no. you ‘buy’ 

someones abilities, so you pay someone to do a job you can’t do, to then sell 

your image to the next customer.


I’d say that I’ve always fancied combining different materials, like in a collage. I started off with drawing and painting when I was little kid and gradually I started using photography more than anything else. 

I suppose I’ve always been facinated by the layering of different material, such as paper, cloth, plaster, stone, plastic, canvas etc..

To decribe my work I would say that in my photographic work I prefer putting my subjects into the light of attention. So I like to just focus on the one subject and cut out as much background as possible. 

I want my images to be striking and unique, on their own, independent. When I work on a project I find it easier to set myself a theme, a sequential design for the outcome. This means that i have a different style of work for each piece.

I try sending out a consequential ambiance in my visuals, so that you feel that you’re still in the same “world of art”.

Also I feel that a I usually have the urge of translating my work in different media. I find it a good exercise to move from one media into a second and further into a third. So let’s say from 3D, into photography, into hand made illustration. When there’s a process in your work, it makes it easier to find what you’re actually looking for, since one idea leads you to another and so on..I guess it could be a never ending story. I don’t think a piece of work is ever entirely finished, because you could always take it further or transform it into something new and different.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal

Found out the charity that uses daffodils to promote themselves. I thought it was a one time thing as i only remember the daff 'pinnies' being used one year. Turns out they've used the blooms every year for at least the past 4 years and I thing that Karen's cornstarch flowers would tie in beautifully with this company.

Here's what they're doing this year :

and we can be a part of that. <-- for news of the previous years daffodil appeals.

EDIT - I don't know how to get the links working on here so you'll have to copy and paste to view em ^.-

EDIT - Fixed them, love Kaz x

Sunday, 16 November 2008

my poster proposal

A bit late, but that's my proposal. We start of taking a shape of a flower (I couldn't find a proper shape, so I used a face), or whatever we want to use, make a silhouette (in the image I just made colors, to make it simplier to see). Than divide it on 12 pieces, so everyone will get one. And you can do whatever you want with the pieces you get, just sort of like an outline (coloring book), but you can draw it, you can paint it, you can play around with, as long as you maintain the shape you got and make the bits darker and lighter acording the shape. If we want we can also decide on the set of colours we want to use, so it's not too random, but we can talk about it on Tuesday. The posters can hang behind the big flowers. The good thing about it, is that everyone can show his skills in creating an image, a visual, on every bit there could be a name and contact no. or website. Each bit will be also an A size, so depends on how much money we will have, we will print the proper size for the budget. Even A4 would make quite a big poster (12xA4). Hope you all understand my idea. These are examples of pieces everyone will get:

Monday, 10 November 2008

Check out this group of artists called le 9eme concept. They do street art and have done things like:

limited edition desperados packaging

leaving labels around big cities:

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Giant Flowers - Karen's Proposal

My proposal is to place giant flowers, approx. person height round London for the amusement of people. I was thinking daffodils next spring or poppies in Remembrance week 2009.

I particularly would like the flowers to be made from cornstarch so they are bio-degradeable and we are not just putting rubbish in the street.

I have done a little research on cornstarch and found this article

I think this idea came to me partly because of the Andy Goldsworthy project 'Snowballs in Summer'

I think this project fascinated people because they woke up to all the snowballs in the street on mid-summers day and they were unexpected. And obviously the snowball didn't last that long.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

alex proposals

♥ an event similar to the V&A village fete:

(photos stolen off various flickrs)

♥ hand out personalised USBs with samples of our work, info, and whatever else we want to add

(much like these, made for amelia's magazine)