Wednesday, 21 January 2009

project update

- 5th March is the new event date. Timing will be approx 5am-4pm.

- needs to be up and running as soon as possible, so we can get Marie Curie to link it on their website. Everyone please email Bernie and Kitty images of your work/websites.

- Marie Curie will organize most of the press stuff, but once we get the website up, we can start generating a buzz too (but keeping it fairly mysterious, it is a teaser campaign afterall). They are going for tv, daily press, the London Eye etc. We are in charge of the viral side of it - internet, word of mouth, guerilla-style.

- We may be sharing Trafalgar Square with another artist/events. There will be collectors in the square. MC will be taking care of the fees and insurance, hurrah.

- We might need to hire a van. Does anyone know anyone who has a van, so we can transport these daffs? I think we definitely need more than two small cars, since the heads are already taking up so much space and we have less than a quarter made.

- Daffodils will most likely be placed in between the bollards/rails around Nelson's column and the lions. Subject to Trafalgar Square permission, hopefully we will get a meeting with them to discuss this.

- More materials needed. Polystyrene or foam or something that won't dissolve (in case it rains). We are still aiming for 200, if not more (for spares).

Any other burning concerns or questions?

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