Wednesday, 26 November 2008

BioViron International

I spoke to Mr. Bruce at BioViron today and he has promised to send me samples of these two cornstarch products in the post today. More Info

1. Green Cell Paper which is 1.5mm deep
2. Green Cell Foam Wrap which is 3mm deep

Once these arrive I will make some daffodil prototypes ready for Friday.

BioViron also worked with Kingston University on a project. Mr. Bruce (who is the CEO) seemed very happy to help and said they may be able to let us have some materials at cost.

Unfortunately in the excitement of being offered the samples I forgot to get any kind of cost from him so I will email him shortly and ask.


Alex Lim said...

do you think they'd sponsor us? i am worried that though marie curie might come on board, they're not going to give us money... as they probably have none.

so i'm trying to sidestep that issue by saying the cornstarch manufacturers may be sponsoring us...

Karen Birch said...

I'm thinking that offering us some materials at cost was as far as he wanted to go but I will ask the question. I forget whether I mentioned Marie Curie to him or not.

We might have to raise some money ourselves by selling cake or something.