Sunday, 16 November 2008

my poster proposal

A bit late, but that's my proposal. We start of taking a shape of a flower (I couldn't find a proper shape, so I used a face), or whatever we want to use, make a silhouette (in the image I just made colors, to make it simplier to see). Than divide it on 12 pieces, so everyone will get one. And you can do whatever you want with the pieces you get, just sort of like an outline (coloring book), but you can draw it, you can paint it, you can play around with, as long as you maintain the shape you got and make the bits darker and lighter acording the shape. If we want we can also decide on the set of colours we want to use, so it's not too random, but we can talk about it on Tuesday. The posters can hang behind the big flowers. The good thing about it, is that everyone can show his skills in creating an image, a visual, on every bit there could be a name and contact no. or website. Each bit will be also an A size, so depends on how much money we will have, we will print the proper size for the budget. Even A4 would make quite a big poster (12xA4). Hope you all understand my idea. These are examples of pieces everyone will get:

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Karen Birch said...

Looks really great Bernie! x