Tuesday, 25 November 2008

nainas ideas...


Naina Piplani




firstly package your work nicely into some visual form.

secondly make a mass distribution of your work in the public.

the more you gift out, the more chances you get to be recognized by someone.

wait for responses.


firstly do a live act as a group, for example everyone stands still in one position, 

in a busy location where we would be observed, for about 3-4 minutes.

secondly we all loosen up and take off our jackets to show our t-shirts (which 

would all have the same colour with just our homepages written on the front and 

back.). we could even create a homepage with the groups individual works, so a 

group website that links you to all the different members of the group.

Self-promotion or even group promotion, so promoting yourself as a group to do 

promotion for anoter company for example. 


Naina Piplani




firstly we plaster the whole city with posters saying, for example “Do you want to

buy creativity?” put the posters up for a month or so and let people wonder about 

the sentence first. big white poster with black sentence in the middle right across. 


secondly think of a second part for the first poster. think of a response to that ques

tion. we need people to wonder about something before telling them the whole 

story. so make it a 2-piece event. the second part could be to put up another post

er next to the first with images of your work, your contact details (email, blog, 

website) on it.  

can you buy creativity, so you own it and can then apply it? no. you ‘buy’ 

someones abilities, so you pay someone to do a job you can’t do, to then sell 

your image to the next customer.


I’d say that I’ve always fancied combining different materials, like in a collage. I started off with drawing and painting when I was little kid and gradually I started using photography more than anything else. 

I suppose I’ve always been facinated by the layering of different material, such as paper, cloth, plaster, stone, plastic, canvas etc..

To decribe my work I would say that in my photographic work I prefer putting my subjects into the light of attention. So I like to just focus on the one subject and cut out as much background as possible. 

I want my images to be striking and unique, on their own, independent. When I work on a project I find it easier to set myself a theme, a sequential design for the outcome. This means that i have a different style of work for each piece.

I try sending out a consequential ambiance in my visuals, so that you feel that you’re still in the same “world of art”.

Also I feel that a I usually have the urge of translating my work in different media. I find it a good exercise to move from one media into a second and further into a third. So let’s say from 3D, into photography, into hand made illustration. When there’s a process in your work, it makes it easier to find what you’re actually looking for, since one idea leads you to another and so on..I guess it could be a never ending story. I don’t think a piece of work is ever entirely finished, because you could always take it further or transform it into something new and different.

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