Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal

Found out the charity that uses daffodils to promote themselves. I thought it was a one time thing as i only remember the daff 'pinnies' being used one year. Turns out they've used the blooms every year for at least the past 4 years and I thing that Karen's cornstarch flowers would tie in beautifully with this company.

Here's what they're doing this year :


and we can be a part of that.

http://www.mariecurie.org.uk/aboutus/news/news_archive/ <-- for news of the previous years daffodil appeals.

EDIT - I don't know how to get the links working on here so you'll have to copy and paste to view em ^.-

EDIT - Fixed them, love Kaz x

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Alex Lim said...

that sounds really good actually, it looks like they'd be open to any awareness campaigns.

let us know how contacting them works out.